DVD - George Kotaka's Champion Seminar

DVD - George Kotaka's Champion Seminar
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Product Description

The full title of this DVD is George Kotaka's Champion Seminar-Kumite Super Techniques of Victory. Follow along and sharpen your kumite (sparring) skills as you learn from George Kotaka, one of karate's most decorated athletes. Kotaka has earned many medals at all levels of competition, including two golds at WKF World Karate Championships.

RUNTIME: 57 minutes.

LANGUAGE: English and Japanese.

Step 1 - Strengthening of Kumite [Speed is acquired].
(1) Step work.
(2) Step + Dash.
(3) Dash.
(4) Jump.
(5) Summary.
Step 2 - Training of Kumite [Technique of punch and kick is studied thoroughly].
(1) Footwork.
(2) Footwork and Attack.
(3) Footwork that takes side.
(4) Summary.
Step 3 - Practice [Timing of Counter and Chudan-geri].
(1) Timing of Tsuki.
(2) Timing of Keri.
(3) Summary.